You should carry at least six lines with you at all times for safely mooring your boat. Two bow lines, two stern lines, and two spring lines. Each line should be 10% longer than your boat, so if your boat is 20 feet long, your lines should be at least 22 feet in length, measured from the eye to the bitter end. If you think that's not possible, then at least make sure that two of them are that long...the ones you intend to use as spring lines. (Of course, there is an advantage to having all six lines the same won't have to try and sort them out when needed to find the right length line.)

When selecting the size line for your dock lines, consider the size of your boat and the size of your cleats. Here's a chart with suggested line sizes by boat size.

Boat Length:  Under 20'  20'-30'  Over 30' 
Line Diameter:  3/8"  1/2"  5/8" 

A lead Rope or Lead Line is a rope that is attached to the halter and used to lead the horse from place to place. Leading a horse is customarily done from the left side, standing between the shoulder and the head of the horse, and holding the shank about six inches from the halter with your right hand, while your left hand carries the slack. Never loop a lead rope around your hand. If the horse bolts, you'll get dragged along behind them.

Never let too much slack get in your longe line. If your horse moves in as he goes around the circle, pull the line in. Slack in the line can be dangerous if a horse tries to run off.

Never loop end of line around your wrist. Hold loop with your fingers so that if your horse runs off you can let go of the line.

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